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The design process varies from project to project and thus is personalized to your specific business needs. For all new clients I start with a free 15-20 minute initial consultation for you to ask questions and discuss your goals and timeline to make sure I am the right person for your project. Most projects can be scoped and customized based on budget and timeline. 
I offer this general branding process description as an example of process.
Additional pr process descriptions will be available soon. 

Branding Process
General branding process for an existing brand.

1. Initial Consultation
You will have a free 15-20 minute call with me to ask questions and discuss your needs and timeline to make sure I am the right person for you and your company. If you have worked with a brand studio before, you will find working with an individual branding expert to be more flexible.
2. Discovery
I will provide prompts for you to compile some information before the initial branding meeting. During the initial meeting I will ask you questions to understand your business, your products or services, your target audience, and your existing brand identity. We will discuss topics such as why you started the business, your vision, mission, values, and what makes your business unique. After the meeting I will do additional research on your business and brand, seeing how customers are using it and what they are saying, its position in the markets and associations it has developed in culture. I will do a general analysis of your competitors’ brands and the industry landscape to identify key trends and insights. All of this will be compiled into the brand audit.
3. Brand Audit
I then create a brand audit presentation in which I clarify your existing brand story, identify your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This document will summarize where the brand currently stands. During the brand audit presentation meeting, I will ask you for any additional insights or clarifications into what was found. We will discuss how this current finding differs from company aspirations. This audit process and audit document leads to vision unification between stakeholders on where the brand is and is going, making future decisions easier and more cohesive, and thereby increasing brand consistency throughout the customer experience.
4. Brand Strategy and Creative Development
Once the brand audit is reviewed, I develop a brand strategy that suggests specific edits to the brand’s personality, positioning, messaging, and visual identity. This includes key brand attributes such as tone of voice, color palette, typography, and imagery. We will discuss asset prioritization and I will begin the design rounds to develop the new creative assets that will bring the brand to life. This includes edits to the logo or a new logo. At each round (typically 3) I will present suggestions to company decision-makers. Adequate time will be given to you to review, discuss, and respond. Then I will make edits based on feedback and present again in a followup meeting.
5. Guidelines
Once the strategy is accepted, I will round-out a complete brand guidelines. I often also create a press kit and a mini brand guide (for you to share with business partners or vendors) at this stage.
6. Implementation
When the guidelines are in place and creative assets have been developed, I will help you implement the new brand identity across all touch-points, including your website, social media, advertising, packaging, and other marketing and collateral materials. This may involve art direction of other contributing creatives.
7. Evaluation/Brand Management
I am happy to consult with the company on future projects to ensure brand continuity and cohesion between marketing efforts, products or services, and other customer facing touch-points. I can evaluate the effectiveness of the new brand identity over time, monitoring brand awareness and perception and adjusting the strategy accordingly if needed.

Suggested COMPLIMENTS to the branding process:

Marketing Research
Marketing research goes hand in hand with brand strategy. I do general research while pulling together a brand strategy, but a professional marketing researcher will conduct studies to determine exactly how people feel and exactly what people want. Marketing researchers specialize in social listening, marketing analytics, ethnography, and user experience research. They collect and analyze data and turn it into actionable insights.
SEO Expertise
SEO expertise is essential to success for any business attempting to find and reach people online, whether or not you are running ads. These people see the code under the matrix. When you complete the brand strategy and begin to edit your online presence and personality, invest in an SEO audit of your website and other online presence.
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