Hill Country Film Festival in Fredericksburg, Texas creates a new style theme for each year, applying the style to a full spectrum of collateral and media. I've been honored to work with them for three consecutive festivals. They requested no stereotypical central-Texas imagery (deer horns, windmills, cows, German heritage, etc) and sent me some examples of the kinds of films submitted. The event happens in the heat of June and draws an artistic crowd. 
From a myriad of design directions I presented, they chose this ultra-saturated, retro color scheme set against attention-commanding black and white rays. The moray patterns of the lines on digital materials, like the holding slides between films, became a purposeful graphic illusion.
The welcome poster at the gate of the event for the 2021 festival. 
Design pieces include rack cards, print ads, social media imagery, event welcome poster, event program cover, attendee badges, and hold slides for between films. Colors were useful to create easy visual designations of different attendee tiers (aka, General, Film Maker, All Access). The imagery was then used by other designers to create additional materials for the event.

Rack card front and back featured in businesses in the busy downtown tourist center in Fredericksburg, Texas during the holiday shopping season.​​​​​​​

Hill Country Film Festival 2023 designs available soon.

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