From 2012–2014 I worked on the design and implementation of data visualizations in the Microsoft Azure Portal. This worked developed out of 'live-tile' content I was already doing: pages (blades) could be pinned to a start board (dashboard) and customized to eight tile sizes with content and layout adjusted and prioritized for each size. The charting followed suit.
I became the Azure team data-vis expert nearly by accident, and subsequently fell in love with the world. I devoured Tufte info and met incredible experts as I raced to take advantage of available company resources for a field I had not studied to meet impending deadlines. 
This then became became a wider interest in increasing the connections between data visualization experts at Microsoft, bringing exposure to existing Microsoft data best practices and resources, and furthering data visualization discussions across the divisions and products. 
I did very practical data visualization design for the tightly-scoped but complicated Azure implementation, consultation with other design teams on-boarding partners, and did far-reaching explorations for work with Microsoft branding efforts. 
(You can hear the clicks if you turn the sound up on the video.) Many thanks to Ben Erickson, Microsoft video guru, who stitched these interaction explorations together in video for me (both videos below). You are looking at a zoomed-in view of the hero-wide tile size on the startboard of the Azure Portal (fake data). 

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