Whether it's morphing an existing brand, helping create something from scratch, or nudging the brand of a tech giant, branding my real mojo. I've worked with many startups to go from their Microsoft Paint drawing to a professional rebrand that includes a full brand audit, demographic research, competitor landscape, and industry trends to make sure the mark that will represent them to the public eye casts just the right personality and attracts the demographic intended. Allowing time for those steps, the writing of the brand story, and articulation of goals, brings the stakeholders together on a crystal-clear vision, which expedites general decision-making and infuses the company with a 'can-do' and 'in-this-together' energy.
All the logos you see here are excerpts of much larger branding projects.
Madé's Banana Flour Co.
MBFco is a wonderful brand of alternative flours and flour products out of Bali. Redesigning their logo was a very small piece of a year and a half long engagement with the company to develop brand guidelines, brand strategy, umbrella and sister brands, demographic info, brand story, lots of content, pitch decks, packaging styles, photography, and so much more.
Below is an identity created for the family of companies and organizations that includes Madé's Banana Flour Co, Flour to the People, Mannna, and Apana/Torus. This organization focused on developing opportunities for regenerative agriculture in the banana and related industries. Name at the time of this branding was RBPCS, Regenerative Biodiversity-Protecting Cultivation System.
The below identity for the organization Mannna was/is an umbrella brand created for the family of companies and organizations that includes Madé's Banana Flour Co, Flour to the People, RBPCS, and Apana/Torus.
Flour to the People
The below identity for the company Flour to the People was/is a sister brand to Madé's Banana Flour Co, created for the family of companies and organizations that includes RBPCS, Mannna, and Apana/Torus.
Apana / Torus
The below identity for the umbrella company Apana/Torus was/is a part of the family of companies and organizations that includes Madé's Banana Flour Co, Flour to the People, RBPCS, and Mannna.
Angela Travels
Angela Travels is a travel blog written by a fellow mountaineer and climber in Seattle, Washington. See more about this project on the project page "Angela Travels."
Re:Sapien is a health and wellness company currently focused on health coaching for people going through elimination diets, who have histamine intolerance or autoimmunity. The intention was/is to offer retreats specializing in AutoImmune Protocol foods and education in the future.
Dos Hojas
Dos Hojas is a small microgreens company in Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico run by a talented ethnobotanist. The redesign was both to improve the typographic style and to increase readability on the existing packaging.
Keep it Real Food Co, Guinea Pig Membership
Keep it Real Food co was a low-glycemic, grain, and gluten-free baked-goods company out of Seattle, Washington. I helped develop an identity and packaging for KIRFco, and a membership called Guinea Pig for loyal clients willing to try out new products at a discounted cost in exchange for feedback.
Hugalope Thundercloud
Less a logo than a mascot, the Azure Marketplace team at Microsoft wanted a graphic to rally behind. I created Hugalope Thundercloud for their team collateral feel-good pieces. T-shirts with this graphic were very popular.
Dynamic Audio / Visual & Protection, LLC
Dynamic Audio/Visual & Protection, LLC is in Nampa, Idaho. They do low voltage integration projects of all kinds, from audio systems to security systems. The goal was to utilize the initials of the name to create a strong ambigram symbol, the initials having come from a passed loved-one's name.

Above, working ideas

Below, final logo

Photographer Vanessa Rudloff
Logo for fashion and portrait photographer, Vanessa Rudloff whose aesthetic is feminine with a magical realism meets art nouveau flair. See more details in the project titled "logo for Vanessa Rudloff" 
Tribes Interiors
Tribes Interiors is an Interior Design and Imports/Artifacts business in Sun Valley, Idaho. This was a proposed redesign and event campaign.
Turquoise Boutique
Turquoise Boutique was/is a budget clothing boutique in the University neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, USA. The owner needed a quick solution for launch so she could make signage, clothing tags, and business cards. 
Yogi Tea
Before Yogi Tea had the typography you see today, they had an almost "Celestial Seasonings" look. see more details in the project titled "Yogi Tea / Proposed Idea"
Community Fitness (athletic center in Seattle, Washington) wanted an identity for their sub-brand, Fit4Change, for their charity fundraising endeavors. 
Nicasio Organics 
Nicasio Organics is a proposed Italian organic deli and dried gourmet foods business in SanDiego.

Thousand Springs Festival
Thousand Springs Festival is an arts and crafts, folky festival in a canyon in Southern Idaho.

Tangles is from a hair salon proposal.

& more

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