I love branding work. Whether it's morphing an existing brand, helping create something from scratch, or nudging the brand of a tech giant, it's my real mojo. While I can't show all the work I've done here, I'm happy to discuss it. 
Dynamic Audio/Visual & Protection, LLC is in Nampa, Idaho. They do low voltage integration projects of all kinds, from audio systems to security systems. The goal was to utilize the initials of the name to create a strong ambigram symbol.
Logo for a fashion and portrait photographer.
See more details in the project titled "logo for Vanessa Rudloff"
Tribes Interiors is an Interior Design and Imports/Artifacts business in Sun Valley, Idaho.
Turquoise Boutique is a clothing boutique in the University neighborhood in Seattle.
Yogi Tea logo: see more details in the project titled "Yogi Tea / Proposed Idea"
Community Fitness has a sub-brand, Fit4Change, for their charity fundraising endeavors.
Nicasio Organics is a proposed organic deli and dried foods business in SanDiego.
The Thousand Springs Festival is an arts and crafts, folky festival in a canyon in Southern Idaho.
Tangles is from a proposed hair salon.

& more

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